What is Ascendant?

Learning ability of a person is defined with ascendant. It is the major element that describes how a person will showcase himself in front of public or to the whole world at times. Note that, ascendants are defined as per specific place and time thus it assists astrologers to collect ideas about what kind of situations person might have faced during his growth phase. In simple words, ascendant in the world of astrology is defined as awakening consciousness for a person. Astrologers can run a deep analysis about person’s abilities with the help of study of ascendant. It is a powerful source of information that contains complete details about significance of one’s personality right from the childhood. It also depicts health, lifestyle and nature of a person that he has developed after going to several conditions during different phases of life.

For astrologers, ascendant serves like a major element that contains information about individual and works like a shield to guard nature of a person. In simple words, in works like a defensive mechanism that assist every person at certain situations of life to deal with the uncomfortable or unfamiliar situations. One more interesting fact to know about ascendant is that astrologers use to believe that ascendant use to have a strong hold over overall health as well as physical appearance of person.

All these important aspects prove ascendant as a major element in the world of astrology and hence it is studied as a significant term in astrological schools. Ascendant works like a filter in the world of horoscope and experts take help from it to express everything related to predictions and even for Sun and Moon. Note that, most of the experts believe that rising Sun has more influence as compared to the Sun and Moon. In Jyotish as well, ascendant is considered as one of the most important component of the chart.

Effects of Ascendant:

Several interesting factors are used to observe the strength or weakness of any particular force of ascendant in the chart. The very first fact that you need to know is that astrologers believe that if ascendant falls closer to the beginning of any sign that means it will stay much stronger. In case if ascendant somehow falls later in any sign then it will lead to weakening of power associated with ascendant. Also, ascendant is observed to leave a stronger influence if the Sun is already holding a weaker position in chart.

One interesting fact related to astrology says that people start becoming same as the effect of their sun sign right after crossing the age of 29 years. With time, as they grow older they naturally start feeling much confident about themselves. Planets are also considered to have major impact on birth chart just because they follow a direct relationship with ascendant. You can go through deep details of ascendant and its relation with zodiac signs to have more knowledge about effects associated with this major element of Jyotish chart.