Combustion of Planets

Whenever a planet moves much closer to the Sun it is said to Combust. The limit of closeness in this case usually varies between 3 degrees to 8 degrees and 30’. The considered effect is associated with the arc of 3 degrees and this term is commonly used when planet use to rise after the Sun. Most of the studies describe this effect as weakening but the case is opposite in for Mars when the effect is observed to be intensified.

Probabilities show that the ultimate effect of Planet combust is to combine influence of particular planet with influence of Sun. Whenever the state of combustion use to occur then the affected planets often loses their power to extend protection to significations that are ruled by them. In case if this combusted planet is found weak for other parts too then all the houses ruled by them not even arise. Note that, the planets are observed to combust whenever they fall within specified degree to either portion of the Sun.

Studies define following longitudinal differences for planets with respect to the Sun on either side of its location:

• 12 degrees for Moon.
• 17 degrees for Mars.
• 14 degrees for Mercury.
• 10 degrees for Venus.
• 11 degrees for Jupiter.
• 15 degrees for Saturn.

The person affected with Mars Combust is observed to initiate fight for his wishes. The Mercury combust use to improve concentration of mind towards destiny but at the same time it shows effect for diverting influences. Thus we can say that combust never leads to any barrier to achievements of own objectives because it has more power to make greater achievements.

There are more cases where Mercury that is the planet of intellect and logic forms the combust. The major reason behind this fact is that as per astrology, Mercury and Sun never moves apart more than 28 degrees from one another. Thus, in most of the horoscopes, Sun will be considered along with Mercury and if not so then Mercury will find its position to at least next sign. Studies reveal that almost 25% people throughout the world use to have Mercury as combust. It simply reflects the fact that power of intellect in such people gets overpowered due to false ego.

When someone faces Venus combust then it simply represents that person is wasting lots of resources, money as well as time for sexual matters or for the things related to romance, love, entertainment or entertaining elements like sports, games or cinema etc. Ego also has impact in this area. In case of Saturn combust, person stops working hard just because of too much ego; he starts taking much rest with a false thought that they have ability to finish off fast even if they are going to start late. The super ego is associated with Mars combust and it makes the person more physical. As an effect, they feel like they have power to defeat anyone either with war of words or with real duel.