Retrograde Jupiter

Retrograde Jupiter Position

Planet Retrograde Starts On Retrograde Ends On Duration
Note : When any Planets appear to be traveling backward through the zodiac which is an illusion (No Planet has backword motion), We call this illusion Retrograde motion.

What is Jupiter Retrograde?

Jupiter Retrogrades at least for 4 months in a year so there are several people who will be facing influence of this retrograde in their horoscope. Most of the times we believe that retrogrades just bring bad times into life but this is not the fact always. Actually, if you have proper knowledge and know how to handle it at right time then things may appear quite easier to you.

You will be glad to know that Jupiter retrograde as several interesting and adorable facts associated with it. As per astrological facts, it is believed to bring shinning energy into life with lots of positive and powerful forces. It focuses over realms of happiness, good fortune and justice where all these effects lead to guide our path to a better destination. As Jupiter is considered as an energetic planet with action oriented impact but it also has an adverse impact in form of slowness that you have to deal with additional care. When Jupiter Retrograde occurs, it naturally opens the window for self knowledge and one may improve quality over quantity.

Jupiter is considered as a benevolent and kind planet that boosts growth and success. It is believed that prosperity, accomplishments and success, everything is well associated with impacts of Jupiter but at the same time its negative impact causes laziness. In case if your Zodiac sign is Libra then you are naturally going to face major impact of Jupiter Retrograde in your life. The Retrograde period diverts our focus to things that are not working fine in our life that can be health, career, love and personal relationships.

Four stages of Jupiter Retrograde:

1. While moving towards Rx, Jupiter becomes stationary for certain duration, at this time the planet shows very strong natural significance.
2. In the second stage, the planet retrogrades for small duration.
3. Now, as it starts shifting from retrograde position to stationary position, it again goes into resting state for a while.
4. At last, Jupiter steps out of that stationary state and it takes a shift to direct position.

During this complete retrograde loop, Jupiter use to leave major impact over Children, philosophy, religion, morality, ethics, tradition, good judgement, abundance, spirituality and wisdom.

What to do when Jupiter Retrogrades?
So, here is an important question for everyone; how can one take benefit from the positive energy of Jupiter Retrograde? The best idea is to get started with the old projects that you have initiated at certain moment of life with positive passion. One can think about what kind of improvements can be made or how things can be fine tuned. Give some time to your inner voice, meditate and get in touch with the key resources of happiness of your life. Think about the times when you were truly blessed and paint a new picture in find about what you can discover ahead.

This is right time to get attached to your soul and follow it to a happy place. One need to stay motivated to reflect positive results with every action and bring things up with positive vibrations.